About Us

Five Musicians-Twenty Instruments


The Skylands Duclimer String Band was founded in the Autumn of 2015.  An offshoot of the Rockaway (NJ) Dulcimer Club, the group formed to play at a benefit event, SEQUAL's Grapes and Goodies.  That performance led to performances at Lusscroft Farm and Crystal Springs.  Subsequent public performances have included the New Jersey State Fair in Sussex County, NJ, Waterloo Village, Foster Armstrong House.  In March of 2017, the band played for over 200 attendees at the First Reformed Church of Pompton Plains' St. Patrick's Day Dinner.

A Different Sound


Words that describe our sound include "unique", "eclectic", "relaxing", "inspiring", "dynamic" and "original".  The five person group consists of:

  • Donna Traylor;  Hammered Dulcimer and Celtic Harp.

  • Don Traylor; Mountain Dulcimer, Banjammer, Bodhran and Tin Whistle.

  • George Nixon; Hammered Dulcimer, Irish Bouzouki, Bowed Psaltery, Bodhran.

  • Bob Taylor; Electric Bass and Hammered Dulcimer.

  • Lew Shafer; Six and Twelve String Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo and Vocals.

We'll play for You!


The Skylands Dulcimer String Band plays at a wide range  of venues from centuries old rooms to stately halls and outdoor gardens.

The band plays at both public and private functions. Our sound is ideal as background music for large dinners and cocktail hours or as the main event at a fundraiser.  From public libraries to private banquet rooms, the band's sounds transcend and adapt to the specific setting.

Saint Anne's Reel & Morpeth's Rant